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Capital Square

Capital Square specializes in creating and managing tax-advantaged real estate investments. They focus on developing, managing, and sponsoring multifamily communities through various investment vehicles such as 1031 exchanges, Delaware Statutory Trusts (DSTs), Opportunity Zone Funds, and development funds. 

At the end of 2019, we discussed with them the potential for business growth through building their brand and service awareness online, by showing them the website visitor potential available for 1031 Exchange phrases, which ran into the thousands each month.

Project Challenges

When we started work for Capital Square, their website was mainly ranking for their brand, keyword phrases for key personnel, and some terms related to press releases. They were not ranking for any specific phrases related to the 10310 Exchange niche. This was due to the website not having any On-Page SEO carried out on it and no effective Off-Page SEO to build its authority and rankings.

Metrics Before We Started:

Website Traffic: 650 visits per month on average

Keyword Phrases Ranking: 554 various terms

Making The Changes That Got Results.

By carrying out effective on-page and off-page SEO, Capital Square saw their website rankings increase over the next two years from 554 general and non-specific terms to ranking for 4249 terms specific to their niche. That’s a 681% IncreaseCapital Square Organic Keywords growth

And, because they saw that increase in their website ranking for more relevant and specific terms they saw a massive increase in visitors to their site.

From an average of 650 visitors a month, the website traffic increased over the next 2 years to 4,600 monthly on average. That’s an increase of 607%

Capital Square organic traffic growth

(both graphs provided by

What Did This Mean For Capital Square?

Over the 2 years we carried out SEO, Capital Square saw their business transactions increase from $1 Billion to $3.6 Billion. An increase of 260%


Date 2020-2022 Client Capital Square Website Location Richmond, USA
"NTA Digital has been a tremendous help for our firm. They are a results-oriented company that has helped us increase our website and search-term rankings, and we are very pleased with the outcome."
Louis Rogers - CEO Capital Square
Louis Rogers
CEO-Capital Square
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